This week I saw my first crime scene down the street in Bushwick. One person died et two were injured. And sadly, it all seemed very normal. “Just another gang story.” I did not even pause to think about it, but now that I am writing I decided to start with it. I am simply very thankful to be alive. Alive for all that follows and more. Alive to be a random creative.


△Three things that stood out to me

Storm King Art Center.
Wow! This a gigantic outdoor sculpture museum in the middle of a forest, just an hour North from NYC. The views are incredible, and the art is impressive—making you feel like a Lilliputian creature among the oversized installations. And it feels good to change point of views.

Form becomes function
Talking about point of views… I spent hours and hours looking at Gotham from an entirely new perspective—forms not letters. I used this typeface to create Arabic letters while respecting the geometry of Tobias Frere-Jones’ typeface. Using Gotham was not a random choice. On one hand, I feel like the Arab world is broken, divided and lost its strength. On the other hand, Gotham translates New York City’s boldness and charisma. So I wanted to reimagine the Arab world through the intrepid Gotham. I had the time of my life. I was literally in love with this exercise (hence the word below meaning deep love). But the great thing about it is realizing that typography is, first and foremost, form… legible form.

Money is just money, people!
It’s very insidious and hidden, but it’s there: people being extremely self-conscious about their money. All the time. Every dime matters. Every action is convertible into cash. Every introduction turns into weighting how much you make. Relax! Money is money. Green paper that gets you from point A to point B. That’s it. After experiencing what being rich feels like but also what being so broke that I couldn’t buy myself lunch feels like, all I can say is that we can’t get too attached to money. So, if you are, breathe boo. Air is free.

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

We have everything in common.
I watched Eight Grade, an honest teen movie that can resonate with everybody. All the awkward moments shown in the film are brilliant in the sense that they are a hundred percent true and universal. We have everything in common. So, be kind to one another.

○ 1 Question

Isn’t it just hair?
I went to cut my hair this weekend in a salon pampering both men and women, yet prices were based on gender. Why do we separate hairstyle based on gender? It’s expensive to have a vagina. No wonder why women decided to trade their hair for balloons!