“We ought to cultivate a little emotion, a little emotional vice, from time to time. […] It may be hard for us, and among ourselves, we perhaps laugh at the appearance we thus present. But what does it matter! There is no other method available for conquering ourselves.”

Nietzsche—Twilight of the Idols and the Antichrist


△Three things that stood out to me

I fell in love with an f.
I attended a lecture by Berton Hasebe, Christian Schwartz and Patrick Li. God. Meeting more type nerds was liberating. Weirdos, we ain’t! No. I fell in love with an f, set in Schnyder, and wasn’t scared to scream it out loud. F, I love you. Forever. And ever! There.

A 4th of July in the 90s
I woke up, and decided to go to a park in Long Island with friends. We didn’t know what to expect, but we certainly didn’t think we were going to be back in time for few hours. Something was off. People were engaging in all kinds of activities. Playing. Barbecuing. Riding on a pedal boat. Telling stories. Petting a dog. Eating watermelon. Shooting fireworks. Drinking a beer. And if you still don’t get it, don’t worry. It took us a while to realize that no one was holding a phone. No one was disconnected from life. And that felt like childhood. Coming back to the city felt like war though, and gave me anxiety.

The little girl who was still a little girl
On the subway, a 5-year-old girl was sitting like society banned us to sit. Legs wide open. Seeing her naively defy the unspoken rule felt so refreshing. And that also felt like childhood to me. Boring adults, we become.

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

Happiness is out there, waiting to be noticed
I worked all weekend until Sunday afternoon. In the zone. Almost no sleep. I needed a break. I went to Prospect Park. It was breathtaking.

Sunny. Little breeze. The colors of the trees are extremely bright. Leaves have different shades of green. The lake is covered with green algae. Three girls are picnicking near me. A Beaux-art style boathouse is in the background, reminding me of an old theater in Tangier. It’s heartwarming. Radiohead is playing in my ears. Few people are walking in and out from this perfect décor. I lost track of time until fireflies started dancing on the grass.

Everything seemed designed in that space. Crafted with love. Like a movie scene with the most unreal reality. This hyperconsciousness of what was around me made me genuinely happy. Yes. This is what true happiness feels like. I’m sure these girls felt the same.

○ 1 Question 

“Would everything be taken away?”
Adrian Piper’s statement was somehow less of a platitude than “every great thing has an end.” And yet, I wonder if every great thing just deserves that we fight for it. Would everything be taken away if we fight to keep everything? It’s always easier to give up and dub it with a stupid romantic saying.