There is no day that look like the other. Almost everything has a puzzling dimension. Like when you’re traveling. You don’t do things twice. And even if you do, it seems new. Knowing this, I have my entire sensitivity out, absorbing everything it can. From the wondrous to the shitty. It’s all magic to me.


△Three things that stood out to me

Bayrle’s foresaw our digital future
First, you should know that Bayrle was a German advertiser in the 60s. And I adore seeing work from those who take unusual paths to reach Rome. In his retrospective at the New Museum, it was crystal clear to me how we got to where we are. Pain. Hundreds of tiny pictures, units and patterns set on a grid form a larger picture and change perspectives as one walks by his artworks. His exhibition, highlighting consumerism, propaganda, and desire is hypnotizing… and thinking of all the midcentury tools that he must have used to painfully create his not-digital-twists was inspiring.

“Divorce is my dream”
In a very long conversation talking about plants, love, and album covers, I told my roommate I got a divorce two years ago. Usually, I face pity, surprise or judgement. But his reaction was totally unexpected. He jumped off his chair shouting: “this is amazing! It’s my dream to get a divorce!” To him (and only to him), it meant I was freaking cool for some alien reason. We laughed so hard. And it felt good.

Fuck you!
One of my favorite things on earth is to take pictures of everything that inspires me visually. Usually just random details. So, this time, I found myself in the middle of crossing a street, when the signal was allowing me to do so, and decided to take a picture of buildings… right there. And, from nowhere, I heard this truck driver screaming at me: ARE YOU FUCKING CRAZY?! Quite surprised, I replied that if the signal wasn’t red, I could roll my body on the crosswalk if I wanted to. And then it escalated to a series of fuck you.
Me: What the fuck?
Him: Fuck off!
Me: Fuck you, you fucking idiot!
Him: Fuck you!
The situation was so fucking ridiculous that I laughed and left. I’m not proud, but this was it. I was a baptized New Yorker. Yay?

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

Authenticity has a framework
The exhibition 200 women who will change the way you see the world, at the Pen + Brush Gallery, is full of wonderful female portraits and authentic stories based on five questions about what is most important to their life. What’s truly powerful is how they have so much in common, and ipso facto, how we have so much in common. And, this, we seem to forget in our everyday life. Yet, authenticity mysteriously needs a setting. It had to be in front of a white backdrop to work out. So capricious.

○ 1 Question 

What happens when you have a creative block and the Oblique Strategies don’t work?
Suddenly, taking pee breaks and looking at my bellybutton seem numbingly interesting. That very big void likes to swallow every inch of my brain because I can’t add up the pieces. And I was pretty good at maths! Dammit!