For some reason, it is very rare to experience the process of a creative, and yet I find its magic a way bigger than the final form. Let’s talk more about process!

△Three things that stood out to me

Drawing the Curtain: Maurice Sendak’s Designs for Opera and Ballet 
I fell in love with Sendak’s drawing when I discovered Where the Wild Things Are a few year ago. His drawings for the stage have a unique sense of storytelling using fantastical sequences and precision that I found compelling. It gave me a glimpse on his thinking process and reinforced why I want to hug all of his fluffy monsters. Hmf.

Come out!
In the spring of 1970, Peter Hujar took the picture behind the famous poster “come out” aimed at recruiting for the Gay Liberation Front. When I saw his contact sheet, I felt like reducing the project to one poster wasn’t as powerful as the series it could have created. His pictures are so raw, alive and full of energy. What-a-shame. I wonder how many creative projects like these get removed from a chance to shine even brighter.  

Building sand castles 
I forgot how relaxing it was to be 3 years old again, build a castle at the beach after eating too many Doritos and imagining the lives of those who would have lived in that castle. So therapeutic!

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

We shall never surrender
Ok here is my Churchill moment at TDC: I presented the process of designing my typeface Unreasonable, and as I was ready to put the project in the Not-So-Great-After-All box, the audience’s reaction surprised me. “No, it shouldn’t end in a graveyard. It’s inspiring.” Why should anything end in a graveyard anyway? There is value in pushing the work to reach greatness even at moments when our brain farts in front a particular project. It is actually part of the process. Ha!

○ 1 Question

Hum. What the fuck?
This is an etched and engraved cropped print by William Hogarth representing a satirical urban scene in England during the 18th century—a time of socio-economic disparity. FYI, his prints are full of cruel depictions with open bodies and violence of all kinds. But this (oddly old-looking) baby being thrown away gave me the creeps. I mean, what the fuck Hogarth? I do want to understand his process!