This is the week of hot temperature, hot art and not-hot questions. 

△Three things that stood out to me

Pierre Cardin’s retrospective
Holy shit! Pierre Cardin reimagined the language of clothing as he incorporated genderless designs (which was radical at his time), produced film costumes for Jean Cocteau and more, democratized fashion, made furniture and vehicles and owned a crazy futuristic house! I loved that he was experimenting with different media and not limiting himself to one box only, making his work and thinking process so rich! Inspiring.

Committed to Becoming
Youdhisthir Maharjan hand cut individual letters and glued them black using their color to create contrast. The incredibly laborious collage refers to the highs and lows of the process of becoming and the continuity of that process. I am still in awe in front of this piece. I mean, seriously, who has that kind of patience and precision in their craft? Just genius. No joke.

Sunday’s sunset
Every sunset is different and magical in some sense. But I have never experienced a sunset with such vivid colors. I found myself Wow-ing out loud like a 5 year-old kid: “Wow! The colors are so saturated! Wow!” and… I was also wondering why I was the only one Wow-ing while everybody else was either chewing gum, scratching someone else’s back or sweating on the grass. I felt so grateful to experience such a wondrous sunset in my favorite place in the entire universe. I also renamed the Domino park, Dina park because you know… it’s my spot. Ha!

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

Heat wave and empty streets
New Yorkers are so dramatic! A temperature of 97 was enough to empty the streets of NYC. Only few of us were out wandering in the streets like lost wolves. The city was quiet. Unprecedented for me. Especially on Sunday. I missed the quiet. I didn’t have one quiet day since I came here. It was actually a perfect Sunday out, walking aimlessly, taking pictures and enjoying the silence. Here is a wolf on a bike.

○ 1 Question

Where are the female typographers?
TDC’s 65 exhibition was beautiful but incomplete to me. In all categories, only few women won an award or a scholarship. How sad!