One week left before leaving NYC; therefore, one week left before getting more than three hours of sleep per night and trying to do it all. Since I’m not ready for this electroshock yet, here is the tip of my do-it-all-iceberg-week.


△Three things that stood out to me

Narcissus Garden
Yayoi Kusama’s mirrored metal spheres is on view in an abandoned industrial train garage in Fort Tilden. The installation itself is pretty impressive. Now, what’s funny is experiencing the room surrounded by a crazy tension coming from all the rules that security guys keep repeating—making people unnecessarily upset. It was hilarious. One of the rules was to keep bags outside. This lady was screaming at this poor guy: “I have expensive things in my bag, you need to provide lockers!” Lockers? It’s an abandoned garage, darling. What an irony! It was the perfect Narcissus Garden where you could clearly see everybody’s ego unleashed into the wild. Genius.

Hanging out with Wael Morcos
Besides eating too much cake, Nobody-me started my 28 year on Earth by hanging out with Wael Morcos in his studio and talking about Arabic typography. And honestly, I find it mind-blowing when highly successful people are humble, kind and want to help. It inspires me and feeds me so much.

The Party
Martin Creed’s Work No. 1190: Half the air in a given space is a closed room full of gold balloons. The artist gives a tangible form to the invisible: air. He also gave me a room to play during lunch time after working on things that didn’t change the world and drinking my pain away. So. Thank you Martin Creed. Great party by myself.

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

The What’s Next Moment
You know this What’s Next Moment when you realize that you took a different path than you thought you would be taking, because you grew apart from the projections you had of the future you, and start questioning your initial plans to figure out what’s next… Well… in an empty beach, I had my what’s next moment. Should I leave advertising? Should I work in a design agency? Should I teach? Should I exclusively follow my love for typography? Should I be an artist? In a meeting with my CCO, I said that I was in advertising to shape culture and contribute to a positive change in society. That, I know. But I was wondering if advertising was the right industry for me to do so. He replied that the only creatives that businesses get to work with are in advertising, and change comes with frustration because it is incredibly slow. Indeed, it is. Indeed, he’s right. Now I feel like it’d my mission in life if I were a superhero. I am not fucking wearing an underwear over a fucking pant like fucking Superman!

○ 1 Question

Art or design?
It took me one year to understand that art is hanging a chair on the wall and design is sitting on the chair because that’s what it’s made for. I think it was really confusing in my mind because both of them use aesthetics to tell stories and communicate with audiences. So… Science or design?