I have a lot of respect for my 4th grade teacher, Mr. Aroyo, for telling us that there were many ways to solve a problem, and thus, many ways to look at things. That made me a terrible kid who questioned everything—earning my mom’s blandest answer, “you will know when you grow up,” and, most importantly, perspective.


△Three things that stood out to me

Clarity in prostitution
At a time when male nudes are considered obscene and pornographic, I discovered Joshua Lutz’s Mind the Gap at Clamp Art Gallery. The show explores moments of clarity, interrupted by mental illness, sex and addiction. Prostitution is part of the narrative. And curiously enough, I found his interpretation of prostitution part of his moments of clarity, rather than separate from it. Quite salient, to be honest.

A Monument for the Anxious and Hopeful
Anxiety and hope are determined by our expectations of the future. Candy Chang’s installation at the Rubin Museum of Art invites visitors to hang their hopes and anxieties on a wall. The extraordinary part of this installation is to realize how similar we all are, despite our respective differences. Except for these two…

One street, different countries
We wanted to travel with friends this weekend, but it rained. Instead, we decided to stay in Brooklyn, and experienced different places. We started with a café bookstore in Vancouver. Then, we had tacos in a Mexican pueblo. And we finished with a gelato in Sicilia. New York is so impressive with its ability to create authentic experiences that make you forget where you truly are… around the block. Traveling couldn’t be easier!

☐ 1 thing that made sense to me

In 11 weeks, I grew up
We were walking home with my roommate. I looked up and found my neighbor, standing by his window and listening to a Jazz record. I smiled at him and said: “this is really nice.” He smiled back. My roommate immediately reacted: “it’s crazy how you are one with world. You notice so many details and engage conversations with everybody. It’s been three years I lived here, and never even said hi to this man.” I didn’t realize how much I grew up in 11 weeks until he mentioned all this. Being in New York certainly made me fully connected to the present. It helped me cultivate more empathy to find beauty in everything that surrounds us, and inhale positive energy. But I still have a lot of growing up to do. I mean… this type is pretty damn horrible. Ew. Ew. Ew.

○ 1 Question

Why are there so many psychics in NYC?
In every corner, you can find bright neon letterforms for readings, and it’s not an open mic for poets. On Friday night, as I was walking in Chelsea with no purpose, I decided to go in. 10 minutes later, I left with a tragic portrayal of my future. Honestly, I respect the dramatic performance. Clap clap. “You have no faith” said the psychic angrily at the end. “I actually do… in your creativity.” She didn’t like it. I don’t know why. Maybe she didn’t see that coming. Ha!