These protest posters are a series of 11×17 risographs dealing with women issues, like domestic violence, and aiming to empower them. If you are a woman and relate to any of these, please email me to send you a free copy.

Loi 101–13

The law 103–13 about domestic violence in Morocco does not recognize rape within marriage. As a result, victims are not protected and cannot seek help. Every sexual act, no matter what its nature is, committed within a couple with violence, under threat, or by surprise is rape. In fact, consentment is not an extra, marriage does not excuse rape, it’s a right to not be willing to get laid and marital rape is rape.

What if men menstruated?

On any given day, more than 800 million women between 15 and 49 have their period, and yet are a heavy burden in every day life.


Camp Dirty Girls


The warning signs of domestic violence

In 1871, the philosopher and physicist Ernst Mach suggested that our ancestors had the ability to identify symmetrical repetition in their environment, in order to survive. Each interruption to the pattern meant danger. So how about we apply this ancient rule to end domestic violence?

Bang Boom

Nearly 40% of murders on women, are committed by a male intimate partner, globally, and more than half of them involved firearms.

2019 DIY calendar

Need a free 2019 DIY calendar full of naughty phrases and carelessness? Shoot me an email if you want one!