According to WaterAid, on any given day, more than 800 million women between 15 and 49 have their period, and yet are still a heavy burden in every day life. Not only the fluctuation of hormones provokes a variety of emotional and physical impact on women, but also menstruations, being a social taboo, are associated with dirtiness.

In Morocco, we simply don’t talk about them. They are an object of general disgust. When I was in high school, we, girls, systematically checked each other’s pants for a blood spot. In Islam, among other religions, women are not allowed inside a mosque when they are menstruating. And there is an entire bath ritual to be purified after the periods end. To destigmitize this topic, I created a series of vivid but dark 40×30 every day life abstract realms of mind and metaphors, aimed principally to a Moroccan audience.